star shaped candle holder

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Olive trees are only cut down when they do not carry any fruit for long periods of time.
This is a good example of a sustainable cycle in the prodution of natural products. This is
 a good illustration of how humans can work together with nature to produce enviromentaly
friendly products. Each product is handmade using traditional methds and the highest
 quality of wood. The candle holder is oiled with a local oil. It is a wonderful piece of
natural wood and a slice of mediterranean living.... It is perfect to present on a dinner table....

For the enjoyment of this product and the character of the wood to be preserved for as long
as possible by gently washing the board after use, only using lukewarm water and washing
up liquid, then dry immediately! Do not place on a radiator, warm area or hot places. For the
best possiable care you rub the candle holder regularly with olive oil or cooking oil and then
 wipe it off with a dry cloth. In addition to the maintang the board it amplifies the grain of the
wood which dose it just!

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