Pasta plates

Typical italian spaghetti dishes in 21cm (8,27')

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Made in Italy, pottery in a typical italian design

Diameter: 21cm

you can choose between two versions: Tomatoe or spaghetti motiv

You can also choose between 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow

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Made in Italy and dishwasher safe


About noodles and pasta plates

The Chinese were the first to invent "noodles"  this was well before Christ. Once they reached Europe they became really famous through out Italy. Thanks to the unique climate which is  pure and unpolluted air, the Mediterranean is well suited for drying the noodles.  Italy become the stronghold for the worldwide pasta production.
Unfortunately there are only a few traditional pasta producers left in Italy, most of the pasta is now produced industrially. However, the creativity of the Italians lies in their preparation and combination of the pasta recipes are unique and unmatched, this includes the design of the corresponding pasta plates.

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